December’s Startup to Watch: Moi

With the holidays looming, I found myself asking “is there even such a thing as ‘the perfect gift?’” We feel so much pressure to buy the coolest things for our loved ones, only to find that the newest gadget is replaced by a newer version in a matter of months, the clothes are the wrong size or color, or the toys are lost or thrown away as they age, break, or become forgotten. And how the heck do you shop for kids? I haven’t been a kid in ages! We have all been there before- that uncomfortable place where we debate what to get for our kids, or the children of our friends and family. Something fun, or something educational? Clothes, books, or dolls? Electronics, or stuffed animals? Forget it; I’ll just get a gift card and let them decide for themselves.

The answer to my confusion and stress became clear when I met Michael Tang, founder of Moi, this month’s Startup to Watch.

What is Moi, you ask? Let’s put it this way. Imagine taking one of the artistic masterpieces your children created off your fridge and turning it into a real life, tangible statuette. This is the meaningful, lasting work that Moi does. Mixing 3D printing with childrens’ art work, Moi gives children and families lifetime heirlooms, and the opportunity to see, touch, and interact with their creativity on a whole new level.

Why is this relevant? The holidays are right around the corner, and what better gift to give to the children in your life than seeing their creations become 3D, tangible works of art? What gift could be more personalized than this? After all, the holidays are all about giving meaningful and special gifts that really show thoughtfulness and love. By giving the gift of Moi 3D creations this holiday season, you’re showing support of someone’s dreams, and encouragement to continue creating. In my article “8 Reasons Why You Should Start-Up, Starting Today,” I encourage people to pursue their dreams and build something big from the great ideas in their mind. Moi is giving children that opportunity, and showing us that it is never too early to inspire creativity.

This startup is encouraging children to dream big, because anything they dream up can become a reality. The characters they draw on paper can literally come off the page and become their own one-of-a-kind collectable art piece. Moi is inspiring creativity, innovation, and appreciation for art, while communicating to children and families that anything is possible.

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