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8 Reasons Why You Should Start-Up, Starting Today!

For many people, the idea of creating something out of nothing is an incredibly exciting notion, however, the thought of leaving the stability and comfort of a full time job (and all that it entails) quickly puts the kibosh on that daydream. If you are one of those hopeful dreamers with great ideas, and you are wondering if you should take the plunge on that business you have always wanted to start, I say go for it! There truly is no time like the present, and I’ll give you several encouraging reasons why you should start your start-up today.

First and foremost, when you are working on your start-up, you are in complete control of doing exactly what you love. Your passions drive your ideas, and if you can create a sustainable business based on your own interests and excellent ideas, you are truly winning at your own life. Not to mention, there are few thrills that exceed the pride and elation you will feel when you watch your dreams become a reality.

hand draws the big ideaSecond, the world has always relied, and will continue to rely on the new and innovative ideas of people like you. Invention and creation keeps society progressing. If you have an idea that you think will benefit others, or you can satisfy an unmet need, make it happen! Take pride in knowing that you are contributing to the constantly evolving and ever-changing world in which we live.

Another often stated but very relevant and exciting reality of creating a start-up is that you have the opportunity to be your own boss. The lifestyle associated with creating your own business, although it can be very time consuming and will require lots of hard work, is incredibly flexible, and will allow you to be the master of your own schedule. If you are able to handle the organization and time management required for starting and running your own business, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a flexible lifestyle, and the satisfaction of working for the coolest boss- yourself!

What’s great about living in today’s world is that thousands of people have already successfully, and just as importantly, unsuccessfully, created their own business.That means we are privy to tons of information and resources that make starting up even easierPractically anything you may need to research about your idea, creating a start-up, getting funding, writing your business plan, marketing your business, etc., can be found in a simple web search. (One of my favorite resources for getting started is the Small Business Administration www.sba.gov).

Additionally, with constant advancements and growing presence in web resources, applications, software, and even labor, start-up costs are getting lower and lower. People are starting their businesses with little to no capital, and enjoying inexpensive options for the things that do require funds.

Furthermore, if your business does require initial capital, there are Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists who are looking to invest in you and your ideas. Investors are constantly seeking individuals and teams who are passionate and knowledgeable, and have innovative and lucrative business ideas. If you have a fantastic business plan and persistent determination, there are investors who will want to meet you.Hard Work Easy Money Signpost Showing Business Profits

Since we’re talking financials, let’s not leave out one of the most exciting perks of starting up. You can make a ton of moneySince you’re getting in at the beginning of a new business, a growing with it, not to mention you (as the owner) will have control of most, if not all of the equity, the potential financial upside is massive. If your idea is well thought out, and you have a clear and effective revenue stream, you have the opportunity to earn a very healthy living. Of course there are great risks involved, but without risk, there is little reward.

The most rewarding aspect to many people is the learning experience, and the opportunity to try new things. When you create a start-up, your hands are involved in every portion of the business- from executive management, finance and accounting, to marketing, operations, and everything in between. You are forced to wear many hats at the beginning, and the knowledge and experience you gain from the process is invaluable.

If you find yourself reading this article, chances are you have already considered creating your own start-up, or dreamt of being an entrepreneur. I have learned that most things that we dream about don’t just happen on their own, but with passion, determination, persistence, and a little luck, you can take control of those dreams and start-up, starting today!


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